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Fic: "A Walk On A Warm, Balmy Night"

Title: A Walk On A Warm, Balmy Night
Disclaimer: I do not, have never, and will never own these characters.
Rating: PG
Pairing: Syd/Nadia
NOTE: I’m not sure that this one has a coherent feel to it. It ended up being a mishmash of ideas (including the ‘hey little sister’ challenge from eons ago), and more atmospheric I think than anything else. Anyways, here it is.

Hey sister why you all alone?

Sydney watched quietly as Nadia stood on the balcony of the hotel room looking out at the loud, busy streets below. She had been quiet since they had left her old training grounds but she had stayed close to Sydney, holding her hand on the way back to the van, sitting beside her once they were traveling, occasionally resting her head on her sister’s shoulder as they made their way to the hotel.

“I need to go for a walk,” Nadia said turning around to face Sydney, her head dipped down resting against her chest as sunlight bathed her in a golden orange shroud.

“Feel like some company?” Sydney asked watching as Nadia stared at her feet, her chest rising and falling deeply as she sighed quietly while in contemplation of her shoe.

“Suena bueno,” Nadia breathed out finally lifting her head to look over at her sister, a tiny smile coming to her face. The truth was she didn’t feel like being alone, but she couldn’t take just standing around the hotel room waiting for extraction anymore either. Sydney wouldn’t bother her about what had happened earlier on, at least not that night, she was sure of it. And there was no one in the world she would have rather spent her time with. “I’ll show you around.”

You whisper secrets in my ear
Slowly dancing cheek to cheek

Sydney smiled looking over at her sister as Nadia turned to the right suddenly tugging her along with her by their joined hands. Sydney allowed herself to be dragged to wherever it was Nadia was heading, just happy to see that her sister’s mood had improved as the night had worn on.

“Here,” Nadia declared in front of an empty sidewalk near the edge of The Parque Lezama. “During the day there’s a … there used to be a fruit vendor here. This crazy old woman used to run it,” she continued turning to look at Sydney smiling. “We drove her totalmente loco … we were always hiding around, popping out from behind trees, stealing fruit when she wasn’t looking,” she went on looking down at the ground seeming nostalgic and slightly embarrassed.

“Did you spend a lot of time around here?” Sydney asked looking around at the huge magnolia trees and cedar elms that were visible in the darkness from where they were standing.

No more living life behind a shadow

“Yeah,” Nadia responded smiling over at her before reaching over and grasping Sydney’s hand again, tugging her towards a small set of stone steps that lead up into the park. “Lots of shade, lots of vendors, lots of music, and lots of tourists,” she continued leading them down a winding path as she spoke.

“You mean lots of places to hide, lots of noise to cover shouts and lots of people to steal from,” Sydney replied knowingly smirking over at Nadia.

The truth was she had been somewhat surprised to hear about her sister’s hoodlum past. Nadia had mentioned the orphanage quite a few times, but not running away and living on the streets until a few days before. She had never thought about it consciously, but she had somehow managed to form a somewhat idyllic picture of Nadia’s past in her head where her sister ran around in a gray and white uniform, sat at wooden desk in a room with open windows, and snuck down to the kitchen at night while watching out for prowling nuns. Finding out the truth only made her prouder of the amazing woman Nadia had become.

“Bonito mucho,” Nadia replied quietly acknowledging that what Sydney had said pretty much summed things up. Her hand fell away from Sydney’s after she spoke and she started down another pathway silently, her eyes focused in the distance.

Sydney sighed realizing that her words had upset Nadia. She watched Nadia move a few steps in front of her and thought that she should have known better then to joke about it so soon. Nadia had only very grudgingly admitted to them how she knew Cesar, and Sydney had noted the effort it had taken for her to admit her own delinquent exploits to everyone.

“I wish I could’ve seen your hair,” Sydney said softly, changing the subject as she caught up to Nadia, looking over at her, pleased to see her lips curl up slightly, the smile and moonlight seeming to light up her face. She wanted to tell Nadia that she had nothing to be ashamed of; that everyone had to eat, that it didn’t matter to her, but she knew that it wasn’t the time for such a conversation.

Nadia simply shook her head and mildly moaned, “Oh God,” sounding amused and self-conscious before glancing over at Sydney and shaking her head again. “I was … you wouldn’t even recognize me.”

Sydney considered her for a moment, the sound of water tickling at her senses as she looked at her sister. She knew what Nadia said wasn’t true. She was completely certain that there wasn’t a disguise, haircut, or outfit in the world that could cause her to mistake her sister. In crowds when they had gone shopping, she had picked Nadia out of the masses by the back of her head, by her walk, by a movement of her hands, by her voice. She had even recognized her ear once.

“I don’t know about that,” was all that she said to Nadia however as they approached the river.

“Cesar pushed me in here once,” Nadia said as they stopped at the riverbank. “Agnese tried to fish me out and he pushed her in too. He thought it was so funny,” she went on staring into the gently rippling darkness. “Laughed so hard he tripped over a stone and fell in too. Agnese thought it was hilarious and wouldn’t shut up about it for days, Cesar refused to talk to either of us for a week.”

“Boys are sensitive,” Sydney responded charmed by the wistful tone of Nadia’s voice even though she had trouble putting together the man who had pulled a gun on her with the mischievous teen Nadia was describing.

Hey little sister can I come inside there?
Such a sweet thing when you open up, baby

“Do you miss it here?” Sydney asked as they lowered themselves to the ground, Nadia bringing her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them, while Sydney sat cross-legged.

“The park?” Nadia asked turning her head to side to considering Sydney as she propped her chin up on her knees.

Sydney was about to respond and clarify when she saw Nadia’s lips twitch up into a smile as her eyes positively twinkled at her as she gazed at her.

“Sometimes,” Nadia responded looking back out at the water. “Es una parte de mí. I feel these streets in my bones, I remember the smell of the air, I know the breeze in a way you only can when you’ve grown up somewhere. But I don’t regret leaving.”

Nadia smiled as Sydney looked at her expectantly and untucked her legs, stretching them out before her, kicking off her shoes and socks. She then moved closer to the water, allowing one of her feet to drop in where she kicked it lightly for a few moments before finally turning around to meet Sydney’s eyes again.

“I lived here, but it was never really home. I was comfortable but always looking … out, somewhere else,” Nadia began, her eyes drifting away from her sister’s and back to the water as she continued to speak.

“And now?” Sydney asked moving toward the bank but keeping her feet dry and on the grass even as Nadia dipped her other foot elegantly into the inky depths before them.

“I’m still looking out … but now that’s mostly for bullets, fists, and assorted shrapnel,” Nadia replied looking over at Sydney. “Not for home.”

Come together cause I understand
Just who you really are yeah

Sydney grinned and then smiled, though she couldn’t really say why Nadia’s response made her feel so giddy inside, like knife shopping, or like Charlie with the golden ticket in his hand.

Sydney kicked off her shoes, pulling her socks off with her toes and plunged her feet into the water, kicking gently, matching Nadia’s strokes.

Nadia watched as Sydney chewed on her bottom lip, before tucking her hair behind her ear.

“It was … the apartment I mean. It was a place to sleep, pick up mail, store perishable food items, and you know, my stuff was there. But my heart was never really there,” Sydney breathed out finally releasing her lip.

“And now?” Nadia asked, her eyes on their reflections in the water, silhouetted by moonlight, shimmering side by side.

“It’s still a place to sleep, and very convenient for mail, but I like it better now.”

I want to be the only one
I know you like nobody ever

Nadia took her hand and Sydney was glad that she did.

“I’m glad you came with me,” Nadia commented looking down at their joined hands as Sydney squeezed hers gently.

“Of course, I’m excellent company. I’m known for it. People say …” Sydney began.

“Let me guess, ‘Sydney Bristow, she’s excellent company. She’s known for it’,” Nadia responded grinning over at her sister. “How’s your racketball game?”

“Two under par,” Sydney replied quirking her eyebrow before grinning back over at Nadia, who shook her head smiling all the while.

“I feel better,” Nadia admitted as Sydney settled down to watch the water again. “You’re not very funny, but you are excellent company,” she continued causing her sister to look over at her.

“I’m glad,” Sydney said seriously in reponse to the first part of Nadia’s statement. “You’re not being excellent company at the moment though,” she continued watching Nadia’s eyes narrow. “Though I do find looking at you to be extremely funny,” she finished leaning backwards before she even finished speaking as Nadia darted towards her.

Sydney closed her eyes as she felt Nadia’s lips touch her cheek. By leaning back she had allowed Nadia the advantage leaving her under her sister’s looming, but benenvolent, gaze.

She opened her eyes to find Nadia hovering over her studying her face. She smiled and Nadia seemed to freeze above her, still, smooth and glowing like a marbel statue. And then she moved, slowly at first and then quickly, her head ducking down, her lips grazing against Sydney’s cheek and over her lips in a movement so quick Sydney wasn’t sure if she had imagined the touch. Nadia leaned back after that, placing some space between them, looking down at the ground for a moment before offering her hand to Sydney, pulling her upright once her sister’s fingers had closed around hers.

They sat side by side quietly for a few moments, their bodies so close together that Sydney could actually feel the heat from her sister’s body against the side of her that Nadia was seated on. It felt nice and Sydney extended her arm without really thinking about it, draping her arm over Nadia’s shoulders. The Argentine tensed at the touch for a moment, but then relaxed again her head turning to look at Sydney who simply smiled and shrugged listlessly, jostling them both a bit. Nadia lay her head on her sister’s shoulder after that and turned her eyes towards the water once more, the glistening surface blacking out for a moment before breathing in deeply, her eyes drifting close as Sydney pressed her lips to her forehead.

The End

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