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Fic: "Duet"

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Title: Duet
Disclaimer: I do not, have never, and will never own these characters.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Syd/Nadia

Sydney made a soft noise in her throat, the exhalation half moan, half sigh, as she felt a velvety soft tongue stroke her inner thigh, licking again and again in broad strokes, stopping occasionally to suck at the skin as small, strong hands gripped her thighs, pushing them apart, holding her in place and exposing her at the same time. She felt teeth nip at her smooth flesh and gasped, the noise turning into a groan as the tongue that was bringing her so much pleasure bathed over the bite, soothing the skin and enflaming it all over again.

Her hips jerked minutely, mostly held down on the floor by Nadia’s deceptively strong hands as her sister drew her head towards the spot where Sydney wanted her most, where she had been waiting for Nadia to get to. However, as she felt warm air blow over the hot wetness of her center she realized that her sister wasn’t through teasing her yet, and had to bit back a sigh of frustration. Usually she loved it when Nadia took her time, teasing her, touching, kissing, and licking every inch of her body that she could reach, slowly building her up, making her hold out for as long as humanly possible before finally allowing her to crash over the edge. At times like those, her orgasms were sometimes so intense that she couldn’t move for minutes afterwards, her body trembling like a leaf, a content smile covering her face as her sister laid soft kisses over her chest and face. But this wasn’t one of those times, she couldn’t wait for that pay off, she couldn’t take any more foreplay, her body was mutinying. She needed it right that moment.

She had hated it, before, when she used to get like this after a mission. It often left her feeling frustrated, even after she had taken measures to relieve the tension, and always deeply ashamed. Logically she knew that she wasn’t actually getting sexual pleasure from repelling down buildings and beating people up, she knew that the feelings of arousal and excitement that followed especially difficult missions were her body’s way of dealing with the increased adrenaline it had produced, but knowing that never made her feel particularly better, and it certainly didn’t help stop the ache. She had usually tried to ignore it, heading home for a restless night of sleep, and on the nights when the need couldn’t be ignored, even when she was with Danny and Vaughn, she always took care of it herself, unwilling or unable to acknowledge the shameful need with someone else.

It was different with Nadia though, as so many things were. The first time she had come back from a mission with those feelings after their relationship had changed, it had barely taken Nadia five minutes to figure out why she was acting so jumpy. And despite her denials and then protests, her sister refused to let her deal with it in her usual manner. Instead she had found herself being poked, and taunted, and pushed until she had grabbed Nadia by the shoulders, hissing at her in a low voice to stop. Nadia had shaken her head and smirked in response, and that had done it. Before she could even process what she was doing her lips were on Nadia’s, her arms still gripping her – hard enough to bruise she found out the next morning. And she was pushing Nadia until they collided with a wall, and then down until she had her spread out on the floor beneath her.

When it was done she had lain back on the hard wooden floor and stared up at the ceiling, tears gathering in her eyes until she had to close them to stop the burning. They weren’t always gentle with each other, and both of them liked it that way, but it had never been like that before, she had never been that rough. She wanted to look over at Nadia, to check her for cuts or bruises, to see if she had done any real damage, but she couldn’t get her eyes to open or her body to move. But then she had felt a gentle hand on her cheek and then Nadia’s lips were on hers, kissing her softly, lovingly until she opened her eyes.

“It’s okay,” Nadia had said, her thumb gliding over Sydney’s cheek. Then she was kissing her again, and Sydney found the tears she had been holding back had escaped and her sister was cradling her in her arms.

It had been okay ever since. In fact it had been more than okay. And Sydney was quickly learning that it was even better when she didn’t have to wait to get home to experience her sister’s soothing touch.

Sydney pushed up onto her hands, looking around for a handhold, something she could use to support and steady herself while her other hand guided Nadia between her legs and then encouraged her to stay put. But looking around the back of the van she found nothing and had to fight the urge to swear knowing that Nadia would find her frustration at the situation amusing.

After taking a deep breath to calm herself Sydney looked down in between her legs, her raised position giving her a perfect view of everything happening below.

“Nadia,” she said softly, drawing her sister’s eyes up to her face.

“I know,” Nadia responded just as softly, her eyes meeting Sydney’s, her gaze knowing and intense before a small smile appeared on her face. She knew Sydney could never wait long when she got like this, that she didn’t want slow burning love making, but a fast, deep fucking that would get her off as quickly and completely as humanly possible.

Nadia turned her head to the side placing a small kiss on Sydney’s upper thigh, and then peering up through her eyelashes at Sydney, whispered “Watch”.

Sydney had planned on doing that all along, but before she could respond to Nadia’s words she felt her sister’s fingers on her, deftly spreading her lips apart, the casual, almost absentminded touch causing her to shiver slightly. And then Nadia’s mouth was on her, licking her folds in broad strokes, sucking them into her mouth and occasionally biting, lapping at her like a hungry kitten as her hands ran up and down Sydney’s thighs, her nails digging into her flesh, pressing and scratching as she fucked Sydney with her mouth.

And watch Sydney did, unable to take her eyes away from the sight of that dark head moving between her legs even as her arms began to burn and shake minutely with the effort of keeping herself upright. Feeling the heat and wetness of Nadia’s mouth on her, feeling every hard, demanding stroke of her tongue and seeing her head move in time with the motions exciting her more and more.

Nadia wrapped her lips around Sydney’s clit, sucking roughly on the hard bundle of nerves, enjoying the shudder and cry that tore loose from her sister’s lips as she continued to assault the sensitive flesh.

Sydney lowered herself back down onto the floor, her arms no longer able to support her as her body became more and more inflamed. Nadia’s hands had slipped underneath her body once she had lain back down, pushing the back of her dress further up past the curve of her ass, giving her access to the smooth, firm skin, allowing her to squeeze and fondle it as she continued to attack Sydney’s sex.

Her eyes rolled back, her head thrashing from side to side as her hips undulated in time with Nadia’s mouth, it took Sydney a few moments to realize that Nadia was positioning her thighs over her shoulders. However, before she could process any more information she felt Nadia’s tongue tease her entrance, and her sister was inside of her, tongue thrusting as deeply as possible as her fingers continued to stroke the full, red lips of her sex.

Sydney’s eyes closed, her lips parting, sounds emerging from them that she wasn’t conscious of as Nadia’s lips closed around her clit once more, three of her sisters fingers penetrated her. She could feel her inner walls quivering, clenching desperately at Nadia’s fingers, the pleasure of Nadia’s mouth on her so intense it was indescribable. She could feel her orgasm approaching by the second, could feel little explosions of pleasure emanating from her center and traveling up the rest of her body, flowing through her from Nadia’s mouth.

She gasped as she came, her back arching off of the floor of the black van as one of her hands shot out burying itself in Nadia’s hair, holding her in position as Sydney flooded her lips with her bliss, her hips bucking in time with Nadia’s still moving mouth riding her sister’s face as Nadia drew out her orgasm.

Her back collapsed against the floor again what seemed like hours later, her breathing harsh and ragged, her body quivering slightly as she stared up at the ridged ceiling of the van. Once more the soft purr of the machinery surrounding them finally entered her consciousness. She became aware of the feel of the body hugging black dress she had worn on the mission pushed up around her hips – the expensive material ripped by Nadia to allow her access to Sydney – and the cool metal of the floor under her legs. She sighed softly as she felt a hand tenderly brush across her cheek and blinked smiling as she saw Nadia come into view hovering above her like an angel.

She reached up, cupping Nadia’s cheek with a still slightly shaking hand. Nadia lifted one of her own, covering Sydney’s hand with her own, steadying it, holding it against her as she smiled down at her sister softly, contentment and love radiating out from her so strongly that Sydney almost felt as if she could touch it. In a way she did, as Nadia leaned down a second a later, brushing her lips against Sydney’s own, the taste of her still strong on Nadia’s lips, the thought of it, the memory of it causing Sydney to wrap her arms around Nadia’s slight frame and draw her against her body.

There hadn’t been a time after a desperate post-mission session that she hadn’t found herself clinging to her sister. Holding each other after making love wasn’t new to them, in fact feeling Nadia in her arms, the gentle rise and fall of her stomach as she drew in breath, her hair tickling her shoulders and collarbone, was almost as enjoyable as making love to her. But the way she found herself wrapping her arms so tightly around Nadia that she sometimes worried about obstructing her breathing was different. Once or twice, she had wondered about why she always reacted that way, but as Nadia touched and kissed her softly she always let such ponderings drift away.

She felt Nadia press a kiss to her collarbone, and then a series of soft butterfly ones up along the column of her throat, pressing kisses along her jaw before her lips settled by Sydney’s ear. “We need to start requesting more duet missions,” she whispered before pressing a kiss to Sydney’s cheek, smiling against her skin, a warm glow settling in around them as she snuggled against the side of her sister’s body.

“You can fill out *that* requisition form,” Sydney responded softly a moment later, smiling before kissing Nadia’s cheek. “I think we need one for a new evening gown too,” she added a moment later smirking over at her sister. “Patience isn’t one of your virtues is it?” She tried not to smile in anticipation of Nadia’s response. They both knew that a lack of patience hadn’t been Nadia’s problem.

“You don’t want to have this conversation,” Nadia replied smiling as her hand moved up Sydney’s side teasingly, stopping just short of her breast. “I think you’ll find you’re the main culprit. In fact, I distinctly remember the words ‘please’, ‘now’ and ‘I don’t care’, in that exact order I might add, coming out of your mouth right before the dress ripping began.”

“Clearly, ‘I told you so-ing’ is one of your virtues, though,” Sydney shot back, biting her lip when Nadia’s hand finally moved up that last little bit to cover her breast. “I’ll forgive you though,” she continued as Nadia began to massage her breast, her thumb brushing over her nipple. “If ‘a little to the left’ is also one of your virtues.” She had discovered after finally allowing Nadia to give her what she had so desperately wanted for years, that once often wasn’t enough. Apparently, her body produced lots and lots of adrenaline during missions, and she had become very, very grateful of the fact that they were both runners.

As Nadia’s lips closed around her left nipple, her right hand pushing the dress further up her hips tearing it even more, Sydney knew without a doubt that she would gladly sign any requisition form Nadia put on her desk.

The End
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