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pool table porn. yeahh..

Title: Pool and Cupcakes
Rating: NC-17.
Pairing: Syd/Nadia
Disclaimer: blah blah blah, not mine.
Summary: Sydney, Nadia and a pool table. There's not much else to say, except if you find a shred of plot, you might get a cookie. The beginning takes place in the deleted scene where Nadia is cooking when Sydney comes home, which in my mind, takes place after the deleted scene where they play pool.

"Sydney, do we have room for a pool table?" Nadia asked, grating lemon peel.

"I think we could put it in the den," Sydney said, unpacking her bag. "Why?"

"Because I want one. And I want to beat you."

"Try all you like."


A few days later, Sydney entered the house and found the front room and kitchen empty. "Nadia?" she called to the house.

"In here!" Nadia yelled back through the den door.

"Wha--.. oh, Nadia," Sydney trailed off, opening the door.

In front of her was a pristine mahogany pool table, covered with the smoothest dark green felt, a rack of balls already set up. A few cues leaned against the opposite wall.

"Surprise?" Nadia said, leaning on the table.

"Definately," Sydney grinned. "This must've cost you a fortune .. where'd you get this?"

"It's mine from back home," Nadia said, making sure the legs were properly set in the table. "I had it express shipped.

"It's beautiful."

Nadia smiled and handed Sydney a cue. "Wanna play?"

"You know I'm up for it."


Forty minutes later, Sydney and Nadia were tied at 2 games each. Sydney was setting up the cue ball to break while Nadia watched her, chalking the end of her cue.

"I still can't believe you managed to get this," Sydney said, taking her shot. "4, corner pocket."

"Well .. I actually had it shipped last week when I shipped some furniture here," Nadia said. "I was just keeping it in storage."

"You're the best," Sydney said, kissing her sister's temple lightly on the way to the other side of the table.

"I know I am," Nadia grinned back.

"You better deflate your ego, I'm definately gonna get you this time," Sydney promised, lining up another ball with the side pocket. "6, side pocket."

"Oh no you won't," Nadia said, smiling. Ironically, Sydney missed her next shot.


"Now what would make you think that?" Nadia said, taking aim and getting ready for her shot.

Sydney hmphed, although the view she was getting down Nadia's shirt was nothing to hmph at.

"What?" Nadia, completely distracted, missed the cue ball entirely and shot at air.

"Uh, your shot. Your elbow sticks out." Sydney felt a faint flush start in her cheeks.

"No it doesn't!" Nadia protested.

Sydney walked behind Nadia and positioned herself so she was almost leaning into her. She took hold of Nadia's right wrist and placed her left hand on the pool table near Nadia's. "If you straighten your arm back, you'll stop having to twist to shoot perfectly straight."

"I don't do that!" Nadia continued to protest.

"Yes, you do," Sydney countered. "Now aim... shoot." Nadia shot, and the cue ball hit the five directly into the pocket.

"See," Sydney said quietly into Nadia's ear, "nothing to it."

Nadia shivered slightly and she knew her sister felt it. Nadia knew that Sydney knew what voices in her ear could do to her, and she was certain that this time was no exception.


Sydney tugged Nadia's earlobe with her teeth. "What?"

"Stop it. I'm trying to beat you," Nadia said, poking Sydney in the ribs with the end of her cue.

"Like I said, you can try," Sydney retorted, and shoved Nadia gently into a sitting position on the pool table. Nadia dropped her cue on the floor, narrowly missing Sydney's shoulder. Sydney's cue joined Nadia's on the floor, and she leaned in and started trailing her tongue up Nadia's neck.

"Sydney," Nadia whined, "I'm trying to win."

"So you're saying you'd rather have a trivial victory over me?"

"Well-" Nadia started to say, but Sydney soon rendered speech impossible by kissing her. "Maybe not," Nadia mumbled when Sydney briefly broke the kiss to take a breath before starting the kiss up again.

"Exactly," Sydney said breathlessly a few moments later. She pushed Nadia's shoulders so Nadia was lying on her back on the table. Pushing her hands up Nadia's tank top, Sydney hovered over her while her fingers slowly made her way towards her chest.

Nadia moaned, hips twitching. "Dammit," she cursed, pushing Sydney's hands off her.

"What?" Sydney's eyes widened, lower lip bit with fear.

Nadia reached under her and pulled out the eight ball. "Digging into my back," she explained. She pulled Sydney down by her neck and kissed her again.

Sydney laughed into the kiss and pushed her hands back up Nadia's shirt. Trailing one hand over her chest, she moved her other hand to undo Nadia's jeans.

"Hips up," Sydney commanded. Nadia obidiently lifted her hips to Sydney could push her jeans and panties down. Nadia was bent at the waist, laying on top of the pool table on her back. Sydney thought it looked just a little bit uncomfortable, but Nadia wasn't complaining. Especially since Sydney's fingers were stroking in between her legs just slow enough to pass the "torture" mark.

"Sydney!" Nadia wailed. "I'm dying here."

"No, I don't think you are. You're still breathing. You still have a heartbeat."

"One that's going a hundred miles an hour," Nadia retorted.

Sydney gave her a Cheshire Cat smile and continued her stroking, at perhaps an even slower rate.

"Pleasepleaseplease," Nadia moaned, twisting under Sydney.

Sydney grinned again. "More," she whispered.


Sydney slowly slid her two fingers into Nadia, and Nadia moaned as soon as her fingertips were inside.

"Faster," Nadia begged, hair stuck to her forehead and eyes glazed over. Sydney liked this look on Nadia. Desperate and willing. Nadia writhed, grinding against Sydney's hand.

"Do something for me," Sydney said devilishly.

"I'll.. I'll bake you cupcakes!" Nadia cried. Sydney added a third finger, and Nadia shrieked.
"Cupcakes?" Sydney laughed. "God, even during sex you think about food."

"It was the first thing I thought-- oh, God," Nadia groaned as she came, Sydney's fingers still inside her, moving faster, while her thumb just brushed her sensitive clit.

Sydney moaned as she felt Nadia come against her hand, the feeling only magnified by the thought that they were doing it on the pool table.

"It was the first thing I thought of," Nadia huffed a few moments later.

"You owe me, Cupcake," Sydney said, kissing her on the temple.

"Cupcake, huh? I could get used to that."

The next day, Sydney came home from work and smelled cupcakes.

"I can't believe you really baked cupcakes," she said to Nadia, who was frosting them in the kitchen.

"I promised you," Nadia smiled, swiping the frosting off with her finger and licking it.

"Hey, I want frosting," Sydney protested. She came up to her sister and kissed her, pushing her tongue into her mouth to try and taste the chocolate frosting.

"You could just eat a cupcake," Nadia said, after Sydney succeeded in tasting the last traces of frosting.

"Right. Hey, do you know how to eat a cupcake?" Sydney said.

"Yes..." Nadia said, not knowing where this is going.

"Are you sure?"


"I'll tell you anyways. First, you start to peel off the paper," Sydney said, dropping to her knees and sliding Nadia's pants and underpants down her legs. Nadia moaned. Now she knew where this was going.

"Mmhmm," Nadia managed to say. She gripped the counter so hard her knuckles were turning white.

"And then, you start eating the bottom part. Little tiny bites," Sydney said, nibbling at her thighs.

"And?" Nadia said breathlessly as Sydney's teeth bit their way up.

"Then, when you have no more left .. you lick the icing off," Sydney instructed, licking between Nadia's legs.

"Oh God," Nadia murmured. Sydney's tongue flicked out and grazed her clit. Nadia could feel her legs slowly turning to jelly and her brain to mush as Sydney continued to work her tongue bewteen her legs.

as inspired by the Stephanie Plum novels, written by Janet Evanovich..
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