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Drabble: Comatose (RPF, Mia, hint of RPS)

Drabble: Comatose
Author: MistressKitty
Category: Alias, RPF, Mia Maestro (hint of RPS)
Spoilers: Episode 5x06 - Solo

Originally posted here, in a comment

The phone rings, and slender fingers reach to pick it up from the reciever.


"Yes, Mia? This is your agent! I've just gotten word that they need you to do a guest spot on Alias!"

"Si?? No me digas! Is this... como... reoccuring?" Her hand tightens on the reciever as Mia remembers the sexual tension between herself and Jennifer. She's really been missing her stint on American television.

"Well... as far as I know... no. It's just one scene. Nadia's still unconscious, and Sloane comes in and holds her hand or something like that. Can I let them know you're interested? It will only take a day or two."

Mia's face falls. One scene? With Sloane? While comatose?

Where was the justice in the world!

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