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Drabble: Mask

Title: Mask
Author: MistressKitty
Subject: Alias, Sydia drabble, Episode 4.02
Word Count: 221
Note: Yah, I kind of apologize for this. I felt like I needed to write it, but it's pretty of the not good.


"I just couldn't wait. Even until tomorrow."

My heartbeat quickened almost imperceptibly, but I could feel it racing through my veins. It took all my years of training in espionage to keep my face neutral. I was lucky she wasn't hugging me or touching my hand because she was an agent too and could surely read the signs:

Heightened pulse...
Skin clammy and starting to break into a cold sweat...

Could she really be saying what the thudding of my blood was hoping she was saying? Since I'd found her in Argentina... since before then, I'd had a hunger for my sister that ran far deeper than anything I had ever known.

It wasn't that I wanted to know her, and be her best friend, well, it was all those things. But it was so much more. Just the sound of her voice, the sight of her breathless at my front door sent waves of want through me. I wanted her hands, her lips on me, all over my skin. I was sure her touch was the only way to stop this burning within me.

And I wanted to touch her, to taste her as well.

Could she ever, possibly, want the same?

"I was hoping we could talk about our mother."

And my hopes fell. Hopefully my mask remained unbroken.

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